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August 3, 2017 • Newsletter

City Council Work Session

New Enterprise Department Discussion

The mission statement for our city’s Community and Recreation Services (CRS) Department is to “enrich and complement the lives of Surprise residents through stewardship of our resources while providing responsive programs which promote and prioritize diversity, cultural, neighborhood, family, education, recreation and wellness opportunities.” At the same time, CRS is responsible for operating and staffing two world class facilities (baseball and tennis) and coordinating with the Surprise Tourism Commission. City Manager Bob Wingenroth recognizes the opportunity to further enhance the quality of life for our residents and proposed a potential organizational change to create a new department.

Staff is proposing a new Enterprise Department, possibly named the Sports and Tourism Department. This new Department would be business focused with the following primary responsibilities: operation of Surprise Stadium and the Surprise Tennis & Racquet Complex, establish public/private partnerships to construct an aquatics center and a regional recreation complex, coordinate the usage of city sports facilities with Ottawa University and our school district, and work in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and the Tourism Commission to bring regional and national events to Surprise that would increase overnight stays and increase local restaurant and retail business.

The majority of the staffing necessary to build the Sports and Tourism Department would come from CRS divisions. In addition, it will be necessary to establish a director position and a coordinator position at an estimated annual cost of $318,900. There would be estimated start-up costs of $20,000. The potential gains from utilization and tourism dollars flowing to the city with this increased focus will outweigh the increased cost.

Shop Local Program

In 2016, the City partnered with the Surprise Regional Chamber of Commerce on an award-winning “Shop Local” campaign as part of our efforts to help businesses that were impacted by the Bell Road/Grand Avenue bridge construction. The campaign proved to be successful and as such, staff has received direction from City Council to partner again to explore a citywide Shop Local campaign, leveraging the best practices learned.  The campaign is consistent with the Council’s Strategic Plan to promote jobs and enhance the needs of small businesses, particularly through business retention and expansion activities.

Bell Road and Grand Avenue Monument Signage

Council discussed and provided staff with some direction relative to signage in and around the Bell and Grand overpass. With the construction of the overpass, signage was removed due to expansion of right-of-way and relocation of utilities and easements from properties at the intersection. Staff was able to work with two of the property owners to replace signage along Grand Avenue; however, the signage requested along Bell Road is higher than allowed by code and prior approvals. Council instructed staff to work with those property owners at the intersection of Grand Avenue and Bell Road to find amenable solutions to signage to provide visibility to the businesses while looking at impacts relative to the view shed.

Temporary Signage Discussion

A discussion on temporary signage was brought to the City Council during Tuesday’s Work Session. City Council had received concerns from residents and business owners relative to signage directing traffic to businesses and public services such as churches and events in and around the City. Currently, the City sign code does not allow for temporary signage such as A-frames and sandwich boards. City staff has been working on revising the sign code. Under the draft code, the City is looking to allow signage for lawful temporary events that would include signage such as A-frames and sandwich boards.

Staff presented Council with the option to enact the temporary sign portion of the draft code prior to the full code being adopted. This would assist business during the update process and allow staff to obtain data on how best to address temporary signage in the final sign code adoption.

Council voiced their understanding of the need for signage to promote businesses and events around the City and instructed staff to “beta-test” the temporary signage portion of the draft sign code under a new Temporary Sign Policy. That Temporary Sign Policy will be discussed and deliberated upon by City Council at their September 5, 2017 meeting.

I also want to share a bit of history with you on the city’s use of temporary sign policies to give you a better picture of how we got here.

In 2009, during the great recession, Council enacted Resolution 09-151 which allowed temporary signs; Council extended it in 2012 for one year. Then, in March of 2016, the City enacted the Bell Road Temporary Sign Policy (Resolution 2016-42) in order to assist businesses during the construction of the Bell and Grand Overpass Project. The City Wide Temporary Sign Policy was then approved again in April of 2016 under resolution 2016-43 for the entire City limits. In February 2017, after the completion of Bell and Grand Avenue Overpass construction, the City approved resolutions 2017-20 and 2017-21. These resolutions repealed the City Wide Temporary Sign Policy and the Bell and Grand Temporary Sign and Temporary Use Permit Policy.

City Council Meeting

2017 Summer Youth Interns

Each year, the City’s Human Service and Community Vitality Department sponsors a Summer Youth Employment Program for teens residing in Surprise. This year, 25 interns were selected to participate from over 70 applicants. Interns were permitted to work up to 25 hours a week. Each Monday, they received Life Skills training which included information on how to prepare for interviews, how to put together resumes, interviewing and job readiness skills and much more. All 25 interns were recognized at the City Council meeting. Many thanks to our HSCV team led by Director Seth Dyson for their dedication to this fantastic program that grooms our teens for life!

Surprsie Summer Youth Interns group photo
2017 Summer Youth Interns

Maricopa County Work Force Development Services

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 (WIOA) is designed to help job seekers access employment, education, training and support services to succeed in the labor market and to match employers with the skilled workers they need to compete in the global economy. Maricopa County is a designated as a Local Workforce Development Area under the federal WIOA.

The County operates two (2) comprehensive Workforce Development One Stop Career Centers (Centers) under WIOA. The Centers provide employment-related services to job-seekers and employers in Maricopa County. Job seekers can access services such as workshops on job search and job retention skills; assessment tools for measuring interests, aptitude and skills; career exploration; vocational counseling, funding assistance for occupational skills training and job placement assistance. Resources such as computers, fax machines and copiers are available to assist in job search activities. The Centers hold job fairs for local employers recruiting employees to fill vacant positions. The Centers also provide transition assistance for local employers who experience a reduction in force and, therefore, must lay-off employees. The City will house a satellite office for the County through the approval of this Intergovernmental Agreement with Maricopa County. The services provided in the Resource Center will benefit job seekers and employers who cannot travel to access services in the County’s Centers.

The Intergovernmental Agreement was approved on Consent Agenda. This action will allow our HSCV Department to offer Workforce Development Services from the Surprise Resource Center with a full-time Workforce Development Coordinator.

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Annual Plan

The city received an allotment of Community Development Block Grant funding of $638,560 from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for year 2017-2018. Of this amount, $95,784 is being awarded to non-profits to provide social services to Surprise residents. These non-profits include Aid to Adoption of Special Kids, Benevilla, CASS, Surprise Community Action Program, Mentally Ill Kids in Distress, SoJourner, St. Mary’s Food Bank, and the Sun Health Foundation. Remaining funds will be utilized for neighborhood infrastructure improvements, micro-enterprise grants, emergency home repair, and associated administrative costs.

Events & Meetings

Project Connect

The city’s Human Service & Community Vitality Department (HSCV) recently partnered with Salvation Army and United Way for the comprehensive event, Project Connect, which provided the homeless with basic services and connection to resources. The event was held on Wednesday, July 26 at Salvation Army in Surprise. HSCV Director Seth Dyson was informed that we had 216 guests.

Project Connect infographic

Water Resource Management Department Meeting

Vice Mayor Todd Tande and I attended our Water Resource Management Department’s “All Hands” quarterly meeting on Wednesday, July 26. Director Terry Lowe provided an update on the department and an overview of their budget while Department managers also provided updates on their respective areas. Afterwards, we were given a tour of a demonstration project.

Decide Surprise 2017 Bond Meeting

2017 Decide Surprise Bond Election banner

Vice Mayor Todd Tande and I were asked to join Mayor Sharon Wolcott on Tuesday, August 1 at Marley Park for a meeting with a select group of residents to discuss the Decide Surprise General Obligation Bond Election that will be on the November ballot. Surprise voters will decide three separate bond questions in the areas of public safety, traffic congestion mitigation and pavement preservation. The mail-ballot only election will be November 7, but ballots will be mailed in early October.

For more information on the projects and costs, please visit www.surpriseaz.gov/decidesurprise.

Mark Your Calendar

Raise a Reader Series

Surprise has partnered with Southwest Human Development to host a free eight week Raising a Reader program that utilizes proven skills to educate parents about the importance of early literacy and provides tools to help children learn to read. Using an evidence-based model that focuses on developmental milestones and brain development, literacy specialists will model how to engage children with the use of books. Families will also learn the significance of singing, dancing and playing as a way to build their child’s vocabulary and prepare them for school.

All members of the family are invited to participate! Plus, participating families will take home a bag filled with award-winning children’s books at the end of each week. Courses will be taught from 11 a.m. -12:30 p.m. on consecutive Fridays beginning August 11 at the Surprise Resource Center, 12425 W. Bell Rd, Suite 124. To enroll in the eight week Raising a Reader series, contact Lizette Garced at LGarced@swhd.org.

Free Educational Presentation on Older Adults and Series

Suicide rates of older adults are higher than any other age group in Maricopa County. The City of Surprise has partnered with Area Agency on Aging and Maricopa Elder Behavioral Health Advocacy Coalition to provide a free educational presentation.

A Matter of Life is a presentation created to educate and help people recognize the signs and symptoms of suicide, depression, anxiety and substance abuse. It encourages help-seeking behaviors by connecting people with resources and tools to access help for themselves or someone they know.

This program will be held on Wednesday, August 23 at 9 a.m. at the Surprise Senior Center, located at 15832 N. Hollyhock Street. It will run approximately one hour. Please register with Trisha Weston at 623.222.1544 or trisha.weston@surpriseaz.gov

Senior Services is a division of the Human Service & Community Vitality Department and is designed to provide programs to strengthen the community and better serve Surprise residents. Located in the heart of Surprise, in the Heritage District, at 15832 N. Hollyhock Street. The Surprise Senior Center is the hub of activities for citizens age 50 and better and adults with disabilities. The membership fee for a resident of Surprise is $12 per year, and for non-residents it’s $15 per year. The Senior Center also offers a gym membership for an additional fee (some rules and restrictions apply). Hours of operation are Monday thru Friday from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Disclaimer: Information in seminars and classes sponsored by the City are a public service and should not be construed as advice or representation of any specific business, company, individual business owners, brokers or affiliations. The City does not endorse any particular business, product or speaker. Any information presented does not reflect the opinion or position of the City.

Did You Know?

Monsoon Safety Tips

Monsoon season, June 15-September 30, is characterized by increased thunderstorm and lightning activity, high winds, dust storms and flooding. Having a plan of action and knowing what to do in each of the weather conditions can help save your life.

During any major storm event, the safest place to be is indoors. If you are at home, turn off all unnecessary power equipment and refrain from using landline phones. Make sure your home is equipped with flashlights, batteries, bottled water and non-perishable food items.

Dust storms and rain events can decrease visibility and increase road hazards when driving. If you are in your vehicle during a storm, slow down and pull off to the right side of the road as far as possible and turn off your engine and lights. Be sure to take your foot off the brake pedal.

Never drive through flooded intersections or washes! Even shallow flowing water has enough power to sweep your vehicle off the road or stall your engine. If you approach a flooded intersection, safely turn your vehicle around and find an alternate route.

Monitor weather reports and listen for potential flood warnings in your area. When flooding is imminent, knowing where to find sand and bags is essential to protecting your home and family. Sand and bags are provided free of charge to Surprise residents at multiple locations throughout the city; you will need to bring your own shovel to fill the bags. Sand and bag locations

To report downed trees, roadway debris or clogged storm drains, contact the Public Works department at 623.222.6000; crews will be on call and available to provide assistance during major storm events. If reporting after hours or on a holiday, please call the Surprise Police Department Non-Emergency Line at 623.222.4000.

Visit www.surpriseaz.gov/monsoon for a complete list of monsoon safety tips and resources.

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May 19, 2016 • Newsletter

Bell Road/Grand Avenue Update

Construction at the Bell Road/Grand Avenue interchange continues to progress. This past week, work included the following:

  • Installation of storm drain and sewer main on Bell Road east of 134th Drive
  • Installation of gas line in new alignment of 134th Avenue
  • Preparation to pave and form the curb/gutters to build the east side of Grand Ave
  • Building of the bridge columns and support beams on the east side of Grand Ave
  • Relocation and installation of utilities on Bell Road and Grand Ave

Utility work on 134th Drive began on Tuesday, May 17th and is expected to last through Friday, May 20th. The utility work will merit additional traffic control and possible delays. Access through 134th Drive will be maintained during the utility work with Dysart Road as an alternate route. Please allow plenty of time and observe all traffic control signs and barricades. Thank you again for your patience during this project.

Bell & Grand Update week 16

City Council Work Session

Intergovernmental Agreement with Maricopa County Library District

The Maricopa Library District and the City of Surprise entered into an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) for the operation of the Northwest Regional Library in 2001. The term of the agreement was ten years, with an option to renew an additional five years. The first ten years, the county paid for operating the library. After that the city began to fund a percentage of the operating costs paid by the library district until the city became responsible for 100% of the cost to operate the Northwest Regional Library FY2016.

The current IGA expires June 30, 2016 but the agreement is needed to continue to provide library services to residents. Pending FY2017 budget allocation; the CRS Department plans to conduct a feasibility study which will determine future library needs as well as explore possible options for the city to take over future library operations. This renewal will allow continuation of library programming at the Hollyhock and Northwest Regional libraries. The total cost for one year is approximately $1.8 million. The city currently has full funding for the operation of both libraries. Reduction scenarios were discussed for cost savings purposes only.

Surprise Heritage District

Planning staff provided a presentation for discussion pertaining to a zoning text amendment and rezoning application to create a new Surprise Heritage District (SHD) zoning overlay for the Original Town Site (OTS). The SHD is designed to preserve, protect and enhance the types of uses that are indicative of historic residential neighborhoods and to provide and promote the local arts and culture as well as business opportunities that are compatible with the overlay.

Unique to the SHD is the introduction of the “Cottage Industry” in a residential setting. By definition, a cottage industry in an accessory use to the single-family dwelling unit and must retain the residential architecture and character.

Public hearings for the Zoning Text Amendment will be held in June.

Learn more at www.surpriseaz.gov/heritagedistrict

City Council Meeting

National Public Works Week

Mayor Sharon Wolcott issued a Proclamation to Water Resource Management Director Terry Lowe and Public Works Director Mike Gent in honor of National Public Works Week. This national recognition is utilized to energize and educate the public on the importance of public works in our daily lives: planning, building, managing and operating the heart of our community to improve everyday quality of life. Thank you to all of our employees in this critical department…I greatly appreciate everything you do!

Storm Water Service Rates

Water Resource Management Director Terry Lowe discussed the action needed for the adoption of rates for stormwater services with an effective date of November 1, 2016. City Council unanimously approved Resolution #2016-60 after a public hearing. Specific fee information can be found online at: http://www.surpriseaz.gov/3405/Public-Notices#stormwater

White Tank Mountain Conservancy

The White Tank Mountain Conservancy is a 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to preserve the resources in the White Tank Mountains for posterity. Regional partners include Sonoran Institute, DMB, City of Buckeye, Maricopa County, WESTMARC, and many more. The organization intends to focus on five specific areas of impact in support of the White Tank Mountains and their resources which include: regional planning and partnerships; stewardship and volunteerism; advocacy and public policy; research, education and training; and tourism and public attraction.

The Conservancy will protect the White Tank Mountains by seeking pragmatic solutions that will enhance the economy of the West Valley while ensuring the sustainability of the natural resources the White Tanks have to offer. There is a one-time membership fee, which was included in the FY17 tentative budget, of $25,000 to include the City of Surprise as a regional partner.

Events & Meetings

Valley Metro Budget & Finance Subcommittee Meeting

The Valley Metro Budget & Finance Subcommittee met on Thursday, May 12.

Surprise Police Department Retirement Celebration

The Surprise Police Department honored Detective James Parr and Officer Morgan Bastien at a retirement ceremony on May 12, 2016.

Detective James Parr was employed by the Surprise Police Department from January 2000 – January 2016. Throughout his career with the Department, Jim served in the Field Operations Division, Criminal Investigations Division, and as a School Resource Officer. Jim was employed with the Arizona Department of Corrections prior to joining the Police Department.

Officer Morgan Bastien joined the Surprise Police Department in August 2000 and served in the Field Operations Division and as a Motor Officer with the Support Services Unit. Morgan retired on April 30, 2016. Prior to joining Surprise Police, Morgan was employed as an officer in Page, Arizona.

Thank you for your service to the city of Surprise and best wishes for a safe, happy and healthy retirement!

WeMAR West Valley Economic Development Forum

On Monday, May 16, I attended WeMAR’s West Valley Economic Development Forum along with several other elected officials from the West Valley. Over 250 attendees were present for the panel discussions led by Moderator Liz Recchia. Surprise Community Development Director Eric Fitzer and Economic Development Director Jeanine Jerkovic were panelists and provided insight on the future of West Valley economic development; city and state economic development plans, including the 303 corridor; as well as commercial development.

Public Outreach Meeting for Bond Program

City Manager Bob Wingenroth and staff hosted one of seven public outreach meetings for a proposed bond program at the Northwest Regional Library on Monday, May 16. Councilman Todd Tande and I both attended along with five residents. You can read more about the proposed projects and costs at www.surpriseaz.gov/surpriseforward, as City Council plans to discuss whether to send a bond package to the voters on the November 2016 ballot at our June 21 meeting.

Surprise Networking Group Presentation

I provided a city update on economic development to the Surprise Networking Group on Tuesday, May 17.  I greatly appreciate the invite and was happy to attend to report the recent successes of the city.

SKip hall speaks to Surprise Networking Group members

Mark Your Calendar

An Art Encounter with Eric Mengel

The Surprise Arts and Cultural Advisory Commission will host “An Art Encounter with Eric Mengel” on Saturday, May 21, from 11 am until 1 pm. The event will be held at Barnes & Noble, 13719 W. Bell Road. Mr. Mengel is a writer, artist and publisher of OCHO Comics.

An Art Encounter with Eric Mengel - flyer

Did You Know?

Surprise Water Resource Management Department Receives Safety Awards

Our very own Water Resource Management (WRM) Department was presented with four safety awards at the 2016 AZ Water Association Annual Water Conference for amassing more than 1,400 concurrent days without losing a man-day due to injury.

The Department was recognized during the May 11 awards ceremony for their safety record on specific systems in both water and wastewater utilities. For water, the city received two awards for the Mountain Vista Water System Treatment and Distribution. Wastewater was presented with two awards for the SPA1 and SP2 Water Reclamation Facilities (WRFs). The WRM team credits its success to reinforcing a safety culture in all of their facilities.

Many thanks to Water Resource Management Director Terry Lowe for his leadership with this fairly new department and congratulations to the staff for their success with safety!

2016 Retail Survey

The city is working hard to bring you the shopping and dining amenities that you want here. Since the last survey, we have had several of your top picks either open or announce they are coming to Surprise including Oregano’s and Texas Roadhouse. We’d like to recognize the top picks as a local favorite so please take some time to answer the survey prior to May 22. You can do so by clicking this link: www.surpriseaz.gov/retailsurvey.

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February 12, 2016 • Newsletter

Bell Road/Grand Avenue Update

US 60 (Grand Avenue) and Bell Road Weekly Project Update

Grand Avenue Traffic Switch is Anticipated the Week of February 22: Grand Avenue two-way traffic will temporarily be switched to the newly paved median between Dysart Road and Litchfield Road. Drivers should allow extra travel time in the area and consider alternate routes at times.

Weekly Update #3—Week of February 15, 2016

The Grand Avenue/Bell Road Interchange Project is using the design-build contracting method, which provides flexibility while the contractor’s designers work side-by-side with the construction team to deliver an improved connection between the two roadways. The project is scheduled to be completed over the next 14 months (in spring 2017).

Utility relocation work in the area, mostly during overnight hours, is already under way. In order to reduce the project’s length and lessen the overall impacts of construction, ADOT has worked with the city of Surprise and local businesses to schedule a full closure of Bell Road near Grand Avenue. The full closure will allow Bell Road to be reconstructed as an overpass traveling over Grand Avenue and the parallel railroad tracks, providing a significant improvement for traffic flow.

The preliminary activities below are preparing the team for the April 1 Bell Road closure.

Schedule of On-site Activities*

  • Continued work to remove existing Grand Avenue median:
    • excavate and haul away the median and roadway materials,
    • prepare roadway for paving, and
    • modify the traffic signal at Town Center Drive/Bell Grande Drive.

What to Expect > Traffic Restrictions*

  • Eastbound and westbound lane restrictions on Grand Avenue continue between just north of Dysart Road and Litchfield Road. The left turn lanes in both directions will be narrowed to one lane (instead of two) at Bell Road and Grand Avenue.
  • Additionally, Grand Avenue will be reduced to one lane in each direction overnight Tuesday (Feb. 16) through Thursday (Feb. 19) between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.

*schedule subject to change based on design schedule, weather, or unforeseen conditions

Stay Informed – Keep In Touch

For more information or if you have questions:
ADOT’s project hotline: (855) 712-8530, press option #1
Project email: bellandgrandinfo@azdot.gov
Project website: www.azdot.gov/bellandgrand
Media inquiries: (800) 949-8057; email: news@azdot.gov

Bell Road/Grand Avenue Business Outreach Meeting

Councilman Todd Tande and I attended the Bell Road/Grand Avenue Business Outreach meeting on February 9. Approximately 15 business representatives were in attendance, including the Property Manager that represents both shopping centers on both sides of Bell Road.

ADOT and Coffman representatives gave a brief presentation, noting project phasing and business access points. Since this is a design-build project, specific traffic patterns are subject to change as needed. We will continue to communicate with the businesses and the public as changes may occur.

ADOT is working on an overall project map that will include project work and business access points to the shopping centers and to the Westgate/Foxfire businesses, north of Bell. This map will be shared with the businesses and available online soon. The timeline shared was as follows:

Business access will be maintained throughout the work at the following signalized intersections:

  • Grand @ Bell Grande (by Carl’s Junior)
  • Grand @Towne Center Drive (by Discount Tire)
  • Bell @ West Point Parkway (traffic can turn left or right from Bell to access both shopping centers)
  • Westgate/Foxfire business access will be Bell @ Dysart and also Bell @ the current 134th Dr., until 134th Avenue relocation is complete in early June

Construction phasing details:

Phase 1: now – late Feb US60 Median Work (Litchfield to Dysart)

  • Grand down to 2 lanes in each direction; one left-turn lane only in each direction onto Bell (Note: dual left turn lanes will be brought back by Spring Training until the full Bell closure in April)

Phase 2: late Feb – April 1

  • ADOT will begin the process of shifting Grand traffic (Dysart – Litchfield) to share the current southbound lanes, maintaining 2 travel lanes for each direction. The median and northbound lanes will be work zones.

Phase 3A: April 1 – early June

  • Full closure of Bell begins (soft closure at Dysart and Litchfield) (hard closure is 134th Dr./134th Ave to West Point Parkway to allow business access). This closure runs through early Nov.
  • Relocation of 134th Drive to 134th Avenue begins April 1, completion expected in early June

Phase 3B: early June – early Nov

  • ADOT to shift Grand traffic (Dysart – Litchfield) to share the northbound lanes, maintaining 2 travel lanes for each direction. The median and southbound lanes will be work zones (flip-flopping the traffic pattern set in Phase 2).
  • Bell re-opens in early Nov

Phase 3C: early Nov – late Feb

Restrictions remain on Grand; clean-up punch list work on both Grand and Bell.

These meetings will continue on a monthly basis, meeting the 2nd Tuesday of every month at Surprise City Hall Community Room (located on the first floor outside the Mayor’s Atrium). These meetings are open to business representatives and stakeholders.

Events & Meetings

Rotary Club of Surprise

I attended the Rotary Club of Surprise monthly meeting on Thursday, February 4. The Surprise Rotary Club gave the Homeless Youth Connection a check totaling $1,000 to help raise awareness and work to meet the needs of homeless youth in the West Valley. This organization was also awarded a $1,500 grant through the Surprise Community Outreach Program earlier this year.

Council Conversation with Mark Coronado

Director of Community & Recreation Services Mark Coronado was my guest for the taping of my new Council Conversation for Surprise 11. The interview will be televised beginning next week. Topics included the Surprise Stadium, spring training, tennis and much more!

Surprise Gateway Training Center Groundbreaking Ceremony

City Council took part in a groundbreaking ceremony at the new Surprise-GateWay Training Center which will be located at SPA 1, near the City of Surprise South Plant. Surprise and GateWay Community College have partnered to provide students interested in water and wastewater career operations a facility in the West Valley where they are able to learn adjacent to the City’s professional staff in an environment that allows them to experience the complete life cycle of water in Arizona.

As part of the partnership, the city is constructing a 13,100 square foot training facility within the SPA 1 Water Reclamation Facility located near the intersection of Litchfield and Cactus roads. The center’s design includes collaborative learning spaces, mission critical labs and assembly facilities.

City leadership, staff and representatives from GateWay Community College were available to answer questions about the partnership and its significance to the West Valley. Tours of the current facility were also provided following the ceremony.

Mark Your Calendar

Litchfield Road Widening

Work to widen the east side of Litchfield Road to two travel lanes between Cactus Road and Desert Cove Road will begin on Monday, February 15. A sidewalk and bike lane will also be added to the east side of the street.

During construction, the speed in the area will be limited to 25 MPH and left turn movement onto Desert Cove and Laurel Lane will be eliminated. For more information, please feel free to contact the Surprise Public Works Department at 623.222.6000.

Cactus League Lunch @ Surprise Stadium

The City of Surprise will be hosting the 2016 Cactus League Lunch at the Surprise Recreation Campus on Wednesday, February 24 at 11 a.m. You can catch a preview of the 2016 Spring Training season as Cactus League staff and committee members provide exciting and exclusive insight into what is to come this season for the fans and the State of Arizona!

The cost to attend is $50 for an individual seat or $500 for a corporate table of 10. Space is limited so get your tickets now. For more information, please contact the Community & Recreation Services Department at 623.222.2000, or you can always visit www.surprisespringtraining.com.

Second Sundays in the Park

The City continues its “Second Sundays in the Park” concert series on Sunday, February 14 from 2 until 4 p.m. This free family event will take place in the center of the Surprise Community Park, 15953 N. Bullard Avenue, and will feature live music from Behind the Badge.

Public Art Bus Tour

On February 18, the Surprise Arts & Cultural Advisory Commission and Benevilla are joining together to offer a free public art bus tour. Tour participants will visit art locations such as WHAM Art Gallery, Arts HQ and City Hall; they will also view public art pieces.

The tour will begin at 9 a.m. at Benevilla, located at 16752 N. Greasewood Street, and will end at the same location at 12 noon. Space is limited so please reserve your spot by February 11. Reservations can be made by calling Fiona Falbo at 623.584.4999.

At the conclusion of the bus tour, there will be an option to enjoy lunch at Birt’s Bistro on Benevilla’s campus. The lunch package is $15 per person.

Surprise Stadium to Host Two Collegiate Baseball Tournaments

College Baseball returns to the Surprise Recreation Campus – Campus of Champions with two NCAA collegiate baseball tournaments: the Surprise Spring Training College Baseball Classic (Feb. 19-22) and the BIG 12 – PAC 12 Spring Training Baseball Challenge (Feb. 25-29).

Individual tickets and tournament passes for each of the scheduled tournaments are now available for purchase online at www.surprisespringtraining.com.Tickets can also be purchased at the Surprise Stadium Box Office, located at 15960 N. Bullard Avenue, or over the phone with Tickets.com at 888.755.2583. Service charges may apply to online and phone orders. All seating for collegiate tournaments is general admission.

2016 Surprise City Academy

Would you like to learn more about the structure of city government, get an update on local issues and get to know your city leaders? If so, you may want to register for the 2016 Surprise City Academy.

This eight session academy offers the opportunity to learn about the city directly from the Mayor, Councilmembers, City Manager and City Directors. The Academy begins on March 7 and meets weekly through April 18. Most classes will meet from 6 until 8:30 pm in the auditorium of the Surprise Public Safety Building, 14250 W. Statler Plaza. It’s free to participate but space is limited. Registration is required by February 29.

For an application and/or information, please visit www.surpriseaz.gov/cityacademy or you can contact Ruby Sitea at 623.222.3242.

Did You Know?

Surprise Stadium Renovations

The Kansas City Royals and Texas Rangers are moving in this week! They will be welcomed back with newly-renovated clubhouses, which have each been expanded from approximately 37,000 square feet to 50,000 square feet.

Pavement Preservation Projects Are Underway

The city’s Pavement Preservation Program identifies city streets to receive appropriate applications that lengthen the lifetime of the street surface. Over the next week, the following areas will be receiving Slurry Seal, an asphalt mixture that fills cracks and voids in the surface:

Feb. 13-15:

175th Ave (Greenway Rd to Bell Rd) – Note: Northbound 175th Ave between Greenway Road and Bell Road will be closed in the northbound direction on Saturday, Feb. 13 and the southbound direction on Monday, Feb. 15. The restrictions will be up from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. There will be no restrictions on Sunday, Feb. 14.

Surprise Farms Loop N (175th to Willow Canyon Dr)

Feb. 16-18:

Greenway Rd (Verde Vista Dr to 183rd Dr)

Feb. 19-23:

Waddell Rd (Litchfield Rd to La Cometa)

140th Dr (Greenway Rd to Waddell Rd)

La Cometa (Greenway Rd to Waddell Rd)

Residents can expect street restrictions during the work. For more information, please contact the Public Works Department at 623.222.6000.

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City breaks ground on new water industry training facility

The city of Surprise, in partnership with GateWay Community College, broke ground today on the future site of the Surprise-GateWay Training Center, a facility that will provide new, mission critical labs, assembly facilities and classrooms for city water professionals and individuals interested in water resource management careers.

The 13,100 square foot training center is being constructed on the grounds of the South Plant (SPA1) Water Reclamation Facility, located near the intersection of Cactus and Litchfield roads. SPA1 currently processes over 8 million gallons of water per day.

When completed, GateWay Community College enrollees in the West Valley will have an opportunity to train adjacent to professional staff and experience the complete water reclamation and treatment process for both groundwater and drinking water.

Mayor Sharon Wolcott is pleased with the opportunities the new facility will bring to individuals interested in water resource careers.

“This is an industry losing many to retirement and this training facility will help usher in the next generation of highly skilled water and wastewater professionals who understand the lifecycle of water in Arizona,” said Wolcott.

Construction on the Surprise-GateWay Training Center is anticipated to be completed this summer and training opportunities opening as early as this fall.

For information about the training center, call 623.222.6000.

January 15, 2016 • Newsletter

Events & Meetings

Water Resource Management All Hands Meeting

Water Resource Management Director Terry Lowe hosted a meeting for the department at our Public Works South Plant on Thursday, January 7. Staff has maintained an excellent safety record so the mood was celebratory. Additionally, input was requested on various new logos for the department and an update for the next quarter was provided by Mr. Lowe.

water resource management meeting January-2016

Surprise Pickleball Reception

I was invited to attend a reception at The Links Grill in Sun Village to kick-off the Tommy Wong Tennis Memorial Tournament in Surprise. Approximately 40 people attended the event.

Surprise Pickleball Association is giving two scholarships, one male and one female, to students who attend Valley Vista High School. I was able to pull the winning high school from a drawing. The scholarship recipients will need to write an essay about the history of pickleball. A special thank you to Marlene Berwald and Jeff Stone for the invitation to participate in this event!

Surprise Rotary Club Meeting

The Surprise Rotary Club met on Thursday, January 7. Surprise City Manager Bob Wingenroth provided the group with a city-wide update. Other discussion included the upcoming Taste of Surprise event which is scheduled for March 9 at Riverboat Acres located at 18300 W. Bell Road.

Bell Road/Grand Avenue Meeting

Almost 300 residents of Sun Village attended a meeting with ADOT Assistant Communications Director Brock Barnhart, Public Works Director Mike Gent and me to discuss updates concerning the upcoming Bell Road/Grand Avenue intersection project that will greatly impact not only the residents and businesses of District 5, but our entire City. The meeting was very informative. ADOT awarded the design build project to Coffman Specialties on January 15, 2016. With the contractor in place, additional specifications of the project can be discussed.

sun village bell grand meeting

ADOT representatives and city staff will be discussing the project in greater detail at the City Council Work Session scheduled for Tuesday, January 19 at 4 pm in the City Council Chamber.

Surprise Veterans Day Parade Recap Meeting

I attended a Surprise Veterans Day Parade re-cap meeting on Friday, January 8 to discuss suggestions on what we can improve upon for next year and what we did right this year. This year’s parade was very successful and we look forward to making the parade an annual event. I’d like to personally thank Debbie Lee, Tomas Garcia and Susan DeJong for their contributions to the meeting. Thank you!

Mark Your Calendar

Shred-a-Thon and Drug Take Back Event

On Saturday, January 23, from 7 until 10 a.m., the Surprise Police Department will be hosting a Shred-a-Thon and Drug Take Back Event at the Surprise Public Safety Building located at 14250 West Statler Plaza.

During the event, members of the public will be able to bring up to 5 boxes of documents per vehicle to be shredded. Additionally, unused prescription and over-the-counter medications can be brought and dropped off for destruction. There is no cost for the shredding of documents or destruction of medications.

Please note that we are unable to accept sharps (to include insulin syringes/needles) or inhalers of any kind. Additionally, the shredding event will continue until 10 a.m. or until the shred trucks have been filled up.

Bullard Avenue Task Force Meeting

A new traffic design plan for the section of Bullard Avenue between Greenway Road and Peoria Avenue will be presented to the Bullard Avenue Task Force later this month.

The city worked with a grant-funded Safe Routes to School design team to create a plan that incorporates the recommendations decided on by the task force this past fall. The recommendations included retaining the 35 mile-per-hour speed limit and restoring two travel lanes in each direction. Also, due to heavier pedestrian crossings at the intersections at Acoma and Sweetwater, the group requested some traffic signals be added, along with crosswalks.

The community is invited to attend the meeting, which will be held Monday, Jan. 25, 6 p.m., at the Northwest Regional Library, 16089 N. Bullard Avenue. In addition to discussing the new design plan, staff will share funding options and a projected timeline.

For questions, please contact Mike Gent at mike.gent@surpriseaz.gov or 623.222.6223. For background information on this project, please visit www.surpriseaz.gov/bullard.

Surprise Regional Chamber Breakfast Meeting

The Surprise Regional Chamber of Commerce will be hosting their monthly meeting on Tuesday, January 19 at 7 a.m. The agenda will include a 2016 update and Bell/Grand intersection project update by ADOT.

College Information Night at Rio Salado College

Students, parents and community members are invited to attend College Information Night at Rio Salado College at the Communiversity at Surprise, 15950 N. Civic Center Plaza on Tuesday, February 23. Presentations are scheduled at 6:30 p.m., 7 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. For more information, you can call 480.517.8231.

Did You Know?

Road Closure

Work to improve the intersection of Dysart and Greenway Roads will continue this weekend, with a full closure of the intersection planned for Friday, January 15 at 7:30 p.m. through Sunday, January 17 at 8 p.m.

Following the full closure, there will be some finishing work that will require lane restrictions through January 24, pending there are no weather-related delays. This project will improve ride quality in the east and west directions and enhance pedestrian accessibility.

Safety Improvements

Safety improvements continue at Waddell Road. Work to add a landscaped median west of Litchfield Road began on January 6 and is expected to last through February. Motorists can expect reduced speed limits and lane restrictions between Litchfield Road and 140th Drive during construction.

Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice has officially opened at 13732 W. Bell Road, Suite #6. We are thrilled to welcome them to Surprise!

jamba juice store front

Office Closing

City Hall will be closed on Monday, January 18 in honor of Martin Luther King Day.

Social Media

You can now follow me on Facebook and on Twitter @skiphall2! I look forward to hearing from you!

In Closing

With the Bell Road/Grand Avenue project quickly approaching, I strongly encourage you to patronize the businesses that will be affected by the upcoming Bell Road closure. The Bell Road closure will impact their businesses, and the City wants to see them flourish through this time. Thank you so much!

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May 22, 2015 • Newsletter

City Council Special Meeting

City Pavement Condition Assessment

The Public Works Department presented the results of analyses pertaining to the Pavement Preservation Program. A consultant had been hired to determine the overall condition of our roads and to provide us with OCI (Overall Condition Index) which is a numerical index (between 0-100) utilized to indicate the general condition of pavement. A new road is 100. The City would like to maintain an 80 to maximize our investment on the roads and ultimately save money. OCI has declined in the past 10 years so it is recommended we continue to invest in pavement preservation to maintain 80 OCI.

City of Surprise Water Resource Management Policies

Through the guidance of the Council’s Committee on Water Resource Planning, Water Resource Management Director Terry Lowe brought before Council four water-related strategic policies over the last several months. Those policies are Water Conservation, Use of Reclaimed Water, Water Acquisition, and Water Funding. These policies were unanimously approved by City Council on Tuesday evening.

Staff will now begin to complete Integrated Water Master Plan Phase II (Water Resources II) and Phase III (Infrastructure). City Council is expected to receive an update on Phase II in June. In addition, the Committee and staff plan to establish acquisition targets and update General Plan language related to water and development.

Series 2015 Obligation

Finance Director Lindsey Duncan discussed refinancing the MPC 2003 bond at a lower rate; therefore saving the City an estimated $1.2 million dollars. The refinance would also extend the term of the bond from 2020 to 2024. The City is looking to pair the refinancing with the clubhouse renovation bond issuance which will also save administrative and issuance costs.

Capital Improvement Funding Exploratory Committee Discussion

On February 18, the City Council approved the creation of the Capital Improvement Funding Exploratory Committee. The Committee met on three occasions to review and educate themselves on the use of general obligation bonds to fund specific capital improvement projects (transportation, public safety and parks & recreation); identify appropriate communication methods for educating residents and voters and to determine if any capital improvement project items are more appropriate to add to a potential bond initiative.

While the City Council decided it is not the time for a bond initiative, it was helpful to have the community’s assistance with determining priorities concerning our projects. I’d like to personally thank the Committee for their hard work and resolve. For more information, please feel free to visit www.surpriseaz.gov/CIFE.

Events & Meetings

IRIS USA Ground Breaking

IRIS USA hosted their groundbreaking for their manufacturing, distribution and Western U.S. Regional Headquarters in Skyway Business Park in Surprise on Thursday, May 21. IRIS USA represents a nearly $40 million investment, 100 new jobs and $800,000 of new city revenues in the first year of operations.

IRIS Ground Breaking

Surprise Fire-Medical 10th Annual Awards Ceremony

I attended the 10th Annual Awards Ceremony for the Surprise Fire-Medical Department on Friday, May 15. Several awards were given to our outstanding civil servants. Please join me in congratulating them!

The Fire Chief’s Award and Company of the Year award went to E302 A shift consisting of Captain Wes Odom, Steve Spirlong, Chris Gouso, Abram Fogelson, BC Dan Gromer and Captain Donny Martinez; EMT of the Year award recipient is Robert Jenkins; Paramedic of the Year award recipient is Louis D’Angelo; Civilian of the Year award recipient is James Whitehead; Crisis Response Rookie of the Year recipient is Calvin Rowen; Firefighter of the Year is Ryan Flinn; and individual citation recognitions went to Clint Fogelson, Captain Nick Colombo, Captain Renee Hamblin and Captain Scott Smith. One award, the Perry Award, was given to James Ruff. This award is given to a Fire personnel recipient that best represents the Department’s core values of Team, Trust, Professionalism and Efficiency.

Chief Award E302 A Shift
E302 A Shift receiving their Fire Chief Award

Surprise Regional Chamber of Commerce Breakfast

Councilman Jim Biundo and I attended the Surprise Regional Chamber breakfast on the morning of Tuesday, May 19. Patrick McDermott, Relationship Manager with APS, spoke about Arizona’s energy future.

Patrick McDermott, APS, addressing the Chamber crowd
Patrick McDermott, APS, addressing the Chamber crowd

National Public Works Week

They keep our streets in good condition; they pick-up our trash and recycling; they keep our water clean; and they do so much more. They are the team members that make-up the City of Surprise Public Works, Water Resource Management and Community Development Departments. In their honor, the City recognizes May 17 through May 23 as National Public Works Week.

Mayor Wolcott officially claimed this week in honor of Public Works during the City Council Special Meeting on Tuesday, May 19. In addition, a small reception to thank these employees was provided beforehand. These employees impact our daily lives in the areas of planning, building, and maintaining city facilities to produce a wonderful quality of life for residents. Thank you to each and every one of them!

Public Works Reception

Did You Know?

Economic Development Recognitions

I am very excited to share some great news with you! Economic Development Director Jeanine Jerkovic has been appointed as the Vice-chair of the GPEC Economic Development Directors Team (EDDT)! She will be the first West Valley representation on this particular GPEC Board in quite some time, and next year, she will ascend to the role of Chair. Congratulations, Jeanine! We are lucky to have you in Surprise!

City of Surprise Economic Development Manager Mike Hoover has been named the “2015 Economic Developer of the Year” by the Arizona Association for Economic Development (AAED). Mr. Hoover was nominated in the Large Community category by AAED peers. The nomination was evaluated based on overall economic impact to the community, the development of strong relationships and community support, the innovation and creativity utilized in the process and contributions made to the economic development profession. Congratulations Mike!

Jeanine Jerkovic
Jeanine Jerkovic
Mike Hoover
Mike Hoover

Kingswood Parke Sidewalk Connection Project

The City of Surprise will soon begin a project to connect the sidewalk on the east side of Parkview Place, north of Bell Road. Three trees will be removed on Friday, May 29 and the concrete sidewalk will be poured on Saturday, May 30. Barricades will be removed by late Saturday afternoon. There will be some final cleanup on Monday or Tuesday of the following week.

We Need Your Help!

Do you prefer the look of Tuscan or Contemporary homes? Do you think all city parks should have ramadas? We would love to hear your opinion. You can provide us with your preferences via our new online survey which features colorful images of various concepts. The survey can be taken at http://bit.ly/visualsurvey and your input from the survey will help city planners as they work to update plans pertaining to both land-use and parks and recreation.

For more information on any of the planning updates, please feel free to contact either Joshua Mike at Joshua.mike@surpriseaz.gov or 623.222.3134 or Lloyd Abrams at Lloyd@surpriseaz.gov or 623.222.3021.

Mark Your Calendar

Surprise Pools Open – May 23

As the days continue to get warmer, our pools are getting ready to open for summer swim on Saturday, May 23. Daily admission for residents is $1 per child, ages 12 and under, and $2 per adult with proof of residency. Non-residents are $5. Pool passes are also available for purchase. Children, 10 years of age and younger, must be accompanied by a responsible person (16 or older) at all times.

The Surprise Aquatic Center is located at 15831 N. Bullard Avenue. The weekend hours for the pool are 12 noon until 5 pm, including Memorial Day. Weekday open swim hours are Monday through Thursday from Noon until 6 pm and Friday from Noon until 4 pm.

The Hollyhock Pool is located at 15808 N. Hollyhock Street. The weekend hours are Noon until 5 pm, including Memorial Day. Weekday open swim hours are Monday through Thursday from Noon until 3 pm.

Memorial Day Event at Radiant Church

The Surprise Veterans will be hosting a Memorial Day event at Radiant Church on Memorial Day, which is Monday, May 25, at 3 pm. Radiant Church is located 15522 W. Paradise Lane in Surprise.

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October 24, 2014 • Newsletter

City Council Meeting

City Council Work Session
The City’s Director of Water Resource Management, Terry Lowe, provided the Council with several presentations pertaining to water beginning with storm water.  The recent storms have emphasized the importance of our storm water management.  The City continues to take into account public health and safety concerns such as the quantity and quality of the water; hence, we need to continue to control the pollution entering the surface waterways.  The FCS Group was hired to provide us forecast and develop a storm water utility that will be presented to the City Council at a future meeting.

During the Work Session, I was able to provide Council with a State and regional update on water supply.  The Arizona Department of Water Resources recently announced seven possibilities including Non-Indian Agricultural Priority CAP Water; reclaimed water/water re-use; groundwater in storage, water supplies developed from revised watershed management practices; water supplies developed through weather modifications; water supplies developed from rainwater harvesting; and, importation of new water supplies developed outside of Arizona (ocean desalination).

WESTCAPS, in partnership with the US Bureau of Reclamation, is in the process of conducting a basin study for the West Valley.  The West Salt River Basin Study will be completed by the summer of 2016.  This study will include projections of water supply and demand; an analysis of how existing water and power infrastructure and operations will perform taking into account realities such as population growth and climate change; the development of options to improve operations and infrastructure to supply adequate water in the future; and, a trade-off analysis of the option to be identified.

The Water Planning Subcommittee, which I am the Chair, is currently in Phase II of our strategic plan.  Our goal is to recommend policies that will provide the City with the foundation for sustainable water management.  The strategic plan will provide guidance to staff and allow for the proper formation, adoption and execution of water related initiatives.  The Subcommittee will recommend the consideration of policies concerning water conservation, reclaimed water usage, water acquisition, land use water management, funding and infrastructure.

As part of the City’s water conservation efforts, the Council agreed to reduce water waste along Bell Road by removing grass from the medians on Bell Road, west of Grand Avenue, which is approximately six miles.  The grass would be replaced with attractive xeriscaping.  Mr. Lowe believes this effort will save Surprise roughly $80,000 in landscape maintenance and $49,000 in irrigation equipment maintenance.  These savings do not reflect the money the City also pays to the Maricopa Water District for irrigation water.  Formal action has yet to be taken on this issue.

City Council Meeting
Lindsey Duncan, Finance Director, provided the Council with a FY2014 budget status report through the end of last fiscal year.  Sales tax figures (excluding construction) are 7.3% higher than FY 2013 actuals and 2.4% higher than FY2014 budget.  The City collected $1.25 million in construction sales tax which are 19.3% lower than FY2013 actuals and 6.0% higher than FY2014 budget.  The ending balance of our General Fund for FY2014 is $27.4 (unaudited).

Events & Meetings

GPEC Ambassador Event
Councilman Jim Biundo, Councilman Todd Tande and I toured the West-MEC campus in Glendale on Friday, October 17th as part of a GPEC (Greater Phoenix Economic Council) Ambassador event.  West-MEC provides career and technical education services on behalf of several school districts in the West Valley.  During the tour, we learned about the new START@West-MEC program that is designed to bring together students, businesses and the community to spark creative thinking and innovate problem solving.  The campus, in Glendale, provides a collaborative space for people that care about the value of education and mentoring others.  The campus offers a media lab, software development programs and much more.

Surprise Citizen Corp Council
The Surprise Citizen’s Corp Council met on Monday, October 20th to review by-laws for the program. Once initiated, the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) will be born.  This CERT team will consist of a five citizen-member Board which will staff from Police and the Fire-Medical Department will oversee.  The framework for the CERT team is designed to launch a process of learning about citizen preparedness in the event of an emergency or disaster.  The group will help the community all year-round by helping with community emergency plans, neighborhood exercises, preparedness outreach, fire safety education and workplace safety.  Once established, the CERT meetings will be held quarterly.

Unveiling of the e-Miata
Torque Trends, a company located in the AZ TechCelerator, recently replaced a 1.8L gas engine in a 1999 Mazda Miata with a 150Kw-AC induction electric motor that has nearly twice the power.  The transmission was replaced with their ev-Torque Box, an 8-inch diameter 32 pound gearbox.  The vehicle has now become the e-Miata and the owners plan to drive the vehicle to dealers and consumer shows all over the country.  Congratulations!

Meeting with CBRE
Assistant City Manager Rick Buss and I met with Tori Nienaber from CBRE.  CBRE is the real estate company that leases to our two shopping complexes along Bell and Grand Avenue in District 5.  The purpose of this meeting was to provide Ms. Nienaber with an update on the ADOT Bell/Grand Corridor project.  It is our intent to be as transparent and communicative as possible and to help the businesses affected by the project.  These meetings will be ongoing before and during construction.

WESTMARC Water & Energy Meeting
WESTMARC’s Water & Energy Committee met on October 22nd.  This Committee provides opportunities for its members to understand current water and energy resource issues.  We promote the relationship between business and water resources and energy policy.  This particular meeting focused on the 20/20 vision plan.  We also brainstormed subjects and speakers for future meetings.

New Community Development Director
City Manager Bob Wingenroth has announced that Eric Fitzer has been hired as the City’s new Community Development Director.  Mr. Fitzer will begin his career with us on November 3rd.  He comes to Surprise from the Arizona State Governor’s Office of Energy Policy.  Pervious work experience included serving as the Planning and Economic Development Director for the Town of Gila Bend.  Please join me in welcoming Eric to our team!

Vice Mayor Skip Hall with new Community Development Director Eric Fitzer
Vice Mayor Skip Hall with new Community Development Director Eric Fitzer

Mark Your Calendars

The G.A.I.N. event is finally here!  This Saturday, October 25th from 6 to 9 pm at Surprise 8-Acre Park.  We hope to see you there!

G.A.I.N Night

Veteran’s Day Parade at Sun Village
Sun Village will be hosting an “Annual Veteran’s Day Salute with Parade” on November 11th at the Sun Village Community, 14300 W. Bell Road in Surprise. The Parade will begin at 10 am and the presentation of colors will begin promptly at 11:45 am.  The American Kountry Band will play, followed by Up-Tempo Classic Country, along with some 50’s through 80’s music from 12 noon until 3 pm.  Lunch will be available.  We hope to see you there!

Surprise Super Swap Meet
The fall Surprise Super Swap Meet will be held on Saturday, November 15th.  This popular community-wide garage sale, sponsored by the Surprise Community and Recreation Services Department and the Surprise Senior Center Council, will be held in the Surprise Aquatic Center parking lot at 15831 N. Bullard Avenue from 8 am until 1 pm.  Parking and admission is free.  Vendor spaces are now available for rent.  If you are interested in space, please contact 623.222.1500.

Surprise Health and Wellness Fair
The Surprise Health and Wellness Fair will be held on Saturday, November 15th from 9 am until 12 noon.  The Fair will be held at the Banner Health Center at 13995 W. Statler.  There will be several health screenings, demos, clinics and displays.  This event is free to the public.

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